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 +====== Fingernail Displays ======
 +What happens if we put small displays on fingernails?
 +---- dataentry ResearchProject ----
 +Type                 : Research
 +Topic                : Fingernail Displays
 +Researcher_titles    : user:raphael_wimmer|Raphael Wimmer,user:florian_echtler|Florian Echtler
 +Status_tag           : planning
 +Keywords_tags        : fingernail, touch, displays
 +started_dt           : 2012-08-01
 +<div info>
 +This wiki page documents ongoing research. Sometimes it does not. 
 +==== Current Status (05/2013)====
 +Prototype functional, working on code.
 +CHI WiP poster presented at CHI.
 +==== Publications ====
 +  * Wimmer, Raphael and Echtler, Florian. {{:forschung:fingernail_display:chi2013_wip_fingernail_displays_submitted.pdf|Exploring the Benefits of Fingernail Displays.}} CHI 2013 Extended Abstracts
 +==== Related Work ====
 +  * Su et al. [[http://graphics.im.ntu.edu.tw/~domossu/ND.pdf|NailDisplay: Bringing an Always-Available Visual Display to Fingertips]]. CHI 2013
 +  * Winkler, Martin and Steimle, Jürgen. [[http://embodied.mpi-inf.mpg.de/files/2012/11/Fingernails-CR.pdf|Fingernail displays: Handy displays at your fingertips]]. CHI 2013 Workshop “Displays Take New Shape: An Agenda for Future Interactive Surfaces”, 2013. 
 +==== To Do ====
 +  * put figures on openclipart.org
 +==== Misc. Resources ====
 +Git Repository (private at the moment): https://gitlab.raphael.cc/fingernail_displays
 +E-Ink segmented displays: http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?FV=ffec8d22
 +OLED module: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/ISC01P/360-2342-ND/2039169
 +Another OLED module: http://www.glyn.de/Produkte/Displays/OLED-Displays?q=M00931_VGM064032A0W02
 +HUD OLED display - expensive (400 USD) and extremely high resolution (~1800 dpi): http://olightek.en.alibaba.com/product/476349700-210642598/0_6inch_SVGA_800_600_OLED.html
 +"Index finger better for pointing than thumb", according to:\\
 +//Wobbrock, J.O., Myers, B.A., and Aung, H.H. The performance of hand postures in front- and back-of-device interaction for mobile computing. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 66, 12 (2008), 857-875.//
 +==== Log ====
 +German national radio station *Deutschlandfunk* reports on our research presented at CHI: [[http://www.dradio.de/dlf/sendungen/computer/2096779/]]
 +Poster presentation at CHI.
 +Our WiP was accepted. Along with the one from Taiwan and a workshop paper on the same topic by Jürgen Steimle et al., there will now be 3 (!) presentations on fingernail displays at CHI 2013. Obviously, a topic whose time has come.
 +Apparently, researchers at National Taiwan University had the same idea and got their paper [[http://www.cmlab.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~robin/docs/chi13_su.pdf | "NailDisplay: Bringing an Always-Available Visual Display To Fingertips"]] accepted as a note for CHI 2013. They also suggest using a fingernail display for mitigating the fat thumb problem. No real evaluation conducted :(.
 +Submitted paper for CHI2013 WIP, presenting the concept and discussing research directions.
 +Working on draft for CHI 2013 WIP.
 +Soldered new connector for OLED.
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