Over and out - Final Reflection and Goodbye (2019-03-27)

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Group: G In this blog article we reflect on our project progress and methods from the last months and describe how we wrote our rebuttal.

Within the last months we created 11 blog articles, where we wrote about our research goals, project progress and finally about our research results. Due to the complexity of the field of Augmented Reality, we started with a list of many possible research questions and directions and finally decided to create taxonomies of AR technologies and evaluations that would serve as overviews over current developments in the field of AR and to apply these taxonomies in a literature survey by analyzing state-of-the-art AR publications.

After our research process we wrote our paper, peer-reviewed two other papers each and received three reviews and a meta-review for our paper. We then discussed the received hints and tips for improvements in the team by following the recommendations from Albrecht Schmidt for creating a SIGHCHI rebuttal. Thus, we created a list of all reviewers’ proposals for improvements based on the already given distinction (e.g. abstract, motivation, contribution etc.) and rated the proposals based on its priority from our point of view and whether we would justify or unjustify them. Based on that we formulated our rebuttal.

Unfortunately, we did not receive our meta review before the submission of the rebuttal in contrary to other teams. Instead we received the meta review more than ten days later than some of the other groups (March 5th vs. March 18th). Thus, it was difficult for us to determine the importance and even the correctness of some aspects the reviewers mentioned. Luckily, we were able to take part in the “Paper-Klinik”, where the incorrectness of some reviewers’ hints were identified, so we would not include incorrect improvements in our final paper. Generally, we are very thankful for the participation in the “Paper-Klinik” and highly appreciate the hints and tips for an improvement of our paper.

Finally, we are now in the final preparation state for the presentation of our research process and results on March 29th.

To conclude, we would like to reflect over our experiences, process and methods from the last months. First of all, we realized the advantages and benefits regarding our selected topic and research direction, as due to this huge literature analysis and survey we got a deep insight into the topic Augmented Reality and additionally gained an overview over the complexity of possible current AR technologies and evaluation methods in general. Regarding the used project management tools, we made very good experiences. Generally, we used Discord with very positive experiences for discussing our process and next steps. Slack was great for smaller discussions and a general communication. Also our Trello board supported us in gaining an overview over the finished and next steps. Zotero was also a really helpful tool for managing our huge amounts of literature, especially the pdf storing functionality and the bibtex export were very useful. Regarding our time management, we had some issues at first, as creating a literature survey and selecting and analyzing 135 publications and additionally creating multiple taxonomies took more time than initially expected. Nevertheless, we were able to finish our research in the given time. Although we had some issues and time delays at the beginning until our concept and research direction was finalized, we were able to fulfill our goals and follow our roadmap without any major issues. We were able to solve some minor team internal conflicts without any troubles, so that we were able to achieve our goals together as a team and are overall very satisfied about our results.