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The core of our research - the main study (2019-02-14)

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Group: C Finally we conducted the main study. We conducted it on two places at the same time and splitted on two days.

Conducting the main study

Despite the problems described in the previous blog entry, we decided to conduct the main study.

Experiment setup

In order to reach more participants, we conducted the study on two setups. The first one was in the Techbase, in the laboratory of VR4 and the second one was at University in the Future Interaction Lab (conference room and workshop) with one test advisor each. Since we need at least 30 participants for the study, we decided to split the study into two days: friday, 08.02.2019 and wednesday, 13.02.2019.

It was mandatory to use identical setups. Following, there is a list with our used equipment / hardware for each setup:

  • Monitor: DELL U2417H
  • Mouse: Logitech RX250
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B


For a smooth process of the study, we created a cheat sheet for the test advisor with the approach and needed explanations listed. This was the approach of the main study:

  • Reception
  • Explanation
  • Play time
  • Short open interview


The goal was to test as many participants as possible but at least 30. On day one of the main study we managed to test 17 people and on day two 15. The ages of the participants ranges from 21 to 35 and their gaming experience from 0 to 4.


Only a few small problems occured during the main study. Almost every participant complained about the mouse (mostly because of its speed) and despite the integrated cooldown, there have been 'power clicker', which achieved high scores by clicking continuous.


The results can be found in another blog entry where they are described in detail.