Forschungsseminar Master Medieninformatik / Research Seminar Master Media Informatics

WS 2020/21

In this research seminar, students conduct medium-sized research projects around generic and specific research questions in human-computer interaction.

**Organizers and Advisors**: Raphael Wimmer, Andreas Schmid, Jürgen Hahn, Florian Bockes

Groups and Topics

A_20/21: Effect of Video Quality on Content Understanding in Online Courses

Members: Fabian Feldmeier, Lucas Haberl
We want to analyze the effect of measureable aspects of videos on content understanding. (more...)

B_20/21: Effect of Video Presentation on Content Understanding in Online Courses

Members: Sabrina Hartl, Vera Wittmann, Konstantin Kulik
What elements of the presentation within a learning video has an effect on understanding the content more or less? (more...)

C_20/21: Systematic comparison of Annotation Tools

Members: Florian Kaindl, Philipp Schauhuber
We want to compare different annotation tools and measure their influence on the user. (more...)

D_20/21: Evaluating the SAM Questionnaire for HCI Research

Members: Polina Ugnivenko, Melanie Kloss

E_20/21: Affordances of Paper and Digital Documents

Members: Sarah Feix, Nadine Schweiger, Sarah Graf
Creating a structured overview of affordances of paper and comparable digital media. (more...)

F_20/21: Observing and Evaluating the Rollout of PAtrack

Members: Andreas Obermeier
Supporting the introduction and evaluation of PAtrack in the administration of the University of Regensburg. (more...)

G_20/21: Debate Structures Around COVID-19 on Twitter (A)

Members: Jonas Puchinger, Theresa Strohmeier, Sabine Roth
Identifying and analysing groups of Twitter users and their behaviour in discussions concerning COVID-19. (more...)

H_20/21: Debate Structures Around COVID-19 on Twitter (B)

Members: Felix Wende, Luis Moßburger, Kay Brinkmann
Exploring the structure, sentiment and style of debates on Twitter regarding (Fake) News about COVID-19. (more...)

I_20/21: Conducting Remote Reading Studies

Members: Laura Zeilbeck, Tanja Gehr
Finding ways to conduct remote reading studies under standardised conditions (more...)

J_20/21: Effects of Interactivity in Online Courses

Members: Kevin Angermeyer
We want to investigate if different forms of interactivity in online courses, such as indirect or direct communication with teachers or lecturers, have an effect on students. (more...)

Latest Blog Posts

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Group F_20/21: Roadmap (2020-12-02) (2020-12-02)

In this blog entry we outline how our research project is currently planned, including the proposed research question, methods being planned and the provisional schedule. (more...)

Group I_20/21: Roadmap (2020-12-01) (2020-12-01)

Description of the preliminary design of the study. We clarify our research question, the methods used and our preliminary schedule. (more...)

Group A_20/21: Roadmap (2020-12-01) (2020-12-01)

What is the research question, with which methods do we want to investigate this question, whats the provisional roadmap (more...)

Group D_20/21: Study design (2020-12-01) (2020-12-01)

Intermediate status of planning the study design (more...)

Group E_20/21: Roadmap (2020-12-01) (2020-12-01)

Short description of our preliminary research question, the methods we plan on using and our approximate schedule (more...)

Group B_20/21: 04 Roadmap (2020-12-01) (2020-12-01)

A short and preliminary overview of our plan: research questions, methods, time schedule (more...)

Group J_20/21: 05 - Potential Research Questions, Methodology and Roadmap (2020-12-01) (2020-12-01)

Outlining the potential research questions and methodology as well as providing a roadmap for the next steps of our research. (more...)

Group H_20/21: 04 Roadmap (2020-12-01) (2020-12-01)

Short description of our preliminary research questions, the methods we plan on using and our planned roadmap (more...)

Group C_20/21: 04 Roadmap (2020-12-01) (2020-12-01)

Initial study plan (more...)

Group E_20/21: Definition Affordance (2020-11-29) (2020-11-29)

The origin and defition of affordance. (more...)

Group G_20/21: Roadmap (2020-11-28) (2020-11-28)

Defining the research questions, the methods we want to use and the time schedule. (more...)

Group J_20/21: 04 - Definition of important terms (2020-11-25) (2020-11-25)

The definition of important terms regarding previous research as well as working definitions are being outlined. (more...)

Group D_20/21: Definitions Part 1 (2020-11-25) (2020-11-25)

The first word definitions relevant for the topic. These being the definitions for the terms used as scale names for the SAM and definitions for test quality criteria which will be helpful in measuring the SAMs performance. (more...)

Group A_20/21: Definition of Video Quality (2020-11-25) (2020-11-25)

Definition of the scope of video quality. (more...)

Group H_20/21: 03 Definitions (2020-11-24) (2020-11-24)

Definitions of important keywords around the topic (more...)

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