Forschungsseminar Master Medieninformatik / Research Seminar Master Media Informatics

WS 2020/21

In this research seminar, students conduct medium-sized research projects around generic and specific research questions in human-computer interaction.

Organizers and Advisors: Raphael Wimmer, Andreas Schmid, Jürgen Hahn, Florian Bockes

Groups and Topics

A_20/21: Effect of Video Quality on Content Understanding in Online Courses

Members: Fabian Feldmeier, Lucas Haberl
We want to analyze the effect of measureable aspects of videos on content understanding. (more...)

B_20/21: Effect of Video Presentation on Content Understanding in Online Courses

Members: Sabrina Hartl, Vera Wittmann, Konstantin Kulik
What elements of the presentation within a learning video has an effect on understanding the content more or less? (more...)

C_20/21: Systematic comparison of Annotation Tools

Members: Florian Kaindl, Philipp Schauhuber
We want to compare different annotation tools and measure their influence on the user. (more...)

D_20/21: Evaluating the SAM Questionnaire for HCI Research

Members: Polina Ugnivenko, Melanie Kloss

E_20/21: Affordances of Paper and Digital Documents

Members: Sarah Feix, Nadine Schweiger, Sarah Graf
Creating a structured overview of affordances of paper and comparable digital media. (more...)

F_20/21: Observing and Evaluating the Rollout of PAtrack

Members: Andreas Obermeier
Supporting the introduction and evaluation of PAtrack in the administration of the University of Regensburg. (more...)

G_20/21: Debate Structures Around COVID-19 on Twitter (A)

Members: Jonas Puchinger, Theresa Strohmeier, Sabine Roth
Analysing the Tweets of German politicians concerning COVID-19 on Twitter in regards to Twitter-inherent measures as well as NLP- and SNA-related methods. (more...)

H_20/21: Debate Structures Around COVID-19 on Twitter (B)

Members: Felix Wende, Luis Moßburger, Kay Brinkmann
Exploring the structure, sentiment and style of debates on Twitter regarding (Fake) News about COVID-19. (more...)

I_20/21: Conducting Remote Reading Studies

Members: Laura Zeilbeck, Tanja Gehr
Finding ways to conduct remote reading studies under standardised conditions (more...)

J_20/21: Chat-Based Interaction in Live Online Courses: Examining Interaction in Live Chats for German-Language University Courses on Twitch

Members: Kevin Angermeyer
We want to investigate how students and instructors interact in the live chat in live online courses on Twitch. (more...)

Latest Blog Posts

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Group G_20/21: Final Reflection (2021-03-26) (2021-03-26)

Summary of the work on our project (more...)

Group J_20/21: 10 - Final submission of paper and changes for blog entries (2021-03-25) (2021-03-25)

This post outlines the changes that were made to some blog entries and highlights the completion of the paper (more...)

Group A_20/21: Paper reviewed and improved (2021-03-24) (2021-03-24)

Following our first submission via easychair, we received reviews and improved our paper accordingly. (more...)

Group B_20/21: 09 Final results of our study (2021-03-21) (2021-03-21)

In this blog entry, we describe our final method and present the results of our studies. (more...)

Group G_20/21: Study results (2021-03-10) (2021-03-10)

Presentation of the results of the sentiment analyses, content analyses and network analyses (more...)

Group A_20/21: Paper handed in for peer review (2021-02-24) (2021-02-24)

Following completion of our study, data analysis and writing, we submitted our paper via easychair. (more...)

Group B_20/21: 08 Current state of the ongoing study (2021-02-09) (2021-02-09)

Some insights into our ongoing online study (more...)

Group G_20/21: Analysis methods (2021-02-08) (2021-02-08)

Description of the methods for the analyses (more...)

Group A_20/21: Final stages of study (2021-02-08) (2021-02-08)

Short summary of our current study progress (more...)

Group H_20/21: 07 Identifying of fitting methods (2021-02-05) (2021-02-05)

In the last article, we talked in depth about how we are building the corpus for our analysis. As the corpus grows, we are also thinking about fitting methods to retrieve the results we want to. (more...)

Group J_20/21: 09 - Start of the interview period for the questionnaire and questionnaire details (2021-02-03) (2021-02-03)

This post outlines general information about the questionnaire (administration period, content). (more...)

Group G_20/21: Data update and extension (2021-02-01) (2021-02-01)

Updating the data set by collecting the twitter data 3 weeks after the last relevant date and adding the followers connections (more...)

Group I_20/21: Wrap up main study (2021-01-26) (2021-01-26)

Current Status update (more...)

Group A_20/21: Final Steps before Study (2021-01-18) (2021-01-18)

Short summary of steps taken in the last few weeks (more...)

Group H_20/21: 06 Building of the corpus (2021-01-16) (2021-01-16)

Current state of scraping and planned analysis. (more...)

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