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"Learning or doing?" - Effects of different in-game TutorialsBADavid RingDavid HalbhuberVideo Games, Tutorials, UX Design, mobile gaming, digital learning2023-09-26
Adaptive Latency Compensation in First-Person Shooters using Artificial Neural NetworksMAMaximilian SeewaldDavid HalbhuberLatency, Latency Compensation, Video Games2022-12-052023-06-19
Der Effekt stereotypischer Avatare auf die kognitive Leistungsfähigkeit in einem 1st-Person SpielBACorinna GeiselhartDavid HalbhuberProteus Effekt, Avatare, Stereotype-Content-Model2021-06-28
Development and Evaluation of Ingame Latency Compensation Technique based on Artificial Neural NetworksBAJulian HoepfingerDavid HalbhuberCounter Strike, Latency, ANN2021-07-12
Does Perspective alter Perception? The Effects of in-game Perspective on the Latency Perception of Gamers.MAPhilipp SchauhuberDavid HalbhuberLatency, Games2022-07-182023-07-24
Exploring Self-induced Effects of Latency in First-Person-ShootersBAMaximilian SchlenczekDavid HalbhuberLatency, Placebo, Nocebo, Games2022-01-17
Getting in Touch with Gaming: How Haptic Feedback of Game Controllers alter Experience and PerformanceBADominik MoggertDavid Halbhuber2023-09-11
Interaction between Avatar Body Type and Latency in Virtual RealityMAKevin AngermeyerDavid HalbhuberUnity, VR, Latency, Avatar, Perception2021-11-152022-07-25
Investigating time-based event expectancy in video games for multiple time-event correlationsBAKillian ProbstDavid HalbhuberTime Expectancy, Games, Specific Event-based Time Expectancy2021-11-29
Mouse vs. Gamepad: Comparing Game Controllers regarding Target Selection and Player Performance in Shooter GamesBAElisabeth PhilippDavid Halbhuber2023-09-11
The Effects of Auditory Latency on Game Experience and Player PerformanceBAMaximilian HuberDavid HalbhuberUnity, Gaming, Latency2021-09-13
The Effects of Weapon Skins in a First-Person Shooter on Game Experience and Player PerformanceMAMaximilian HuberDavid Halbhuber2023-10-302024-04-22
Tiny Touches, Big Impacts: Designing Micro-Touch Gestures for Power Tool InteractionBALianna AleksanyanDavid Halbhuber2023-07-03
Touching the Future: Enhancing Keyboard Interaction with Touch-Sensitive SurfacesBANiklas KellerDavid Halbhuber2023-12-18
User Experience Enhancement in Strength Training Apps: Design Guidelines for Augmenting Continuance IntentionBAAlwina BitterDavid Halbhuber2023-05-08
Using Artifical Neural Networks for Latency Compensation in Mobile GamesMAFlorian KaindlDavid HalbhuberANN, Unity, Mobile Game, Latency2022-03-28
Using Big Data in AgricultureMAFelix-Georg HerrmannDavid Halbhuber2022-08-03
Zukunftspotential von Metas Metaverse – Scheitert Meta mit Horizon Worlds?BAJan KeupDavid Halbhuber2023-05-08