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Analysis, Data Modelling and Visualization of Cemetery and Grave Information using the Data Set of the Memorial Archives

Conceptualization and Prototypical Design of a Visualization for Cemetery and Grave Information of the Memorial Archives Platform
Thomas Schmidt
Raffaela Faber
Christian Wolff
in Bearbeitung
Visualization, Digital History, Memorial Archives, Data Science, User Interface


The Memorial Archives Platform of the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial offers a unique data set about concentration camps and prisoners during the second world war. One part of this data set is information about cemeteries, graves and where a certain person is buried. The main challenge of this data is that these grave lists do not have a standardized structure and include many irregularities, meaning that the cemetery and grave characteristics differ between locations and often it is uncertain which person is buried where.

Zielsetzung der Arbeit

The goal of this project is to develop an application, which could be integrated in the geographical tools of the Memorial Archives, to visualize cemetery and grave data (including the irregularities mentioned before) for three specific use cases. The application should enable to visualize the exact location of graves, as far as possible, and related victim data for varied use cases e.g. in which graves victims from one nationality are buried, simplifying scientific research and providing information for relatives.

Konkrete Aufgaben

  • requirements engineering with potential users
  • prototypical design of the application
  • development of the application

Erwartete Vorkenntnisse

Knowledge in the following technologies would be helpful: - Web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) - Node.js - Vue.js - MongoDB

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