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Andrea Fischer [Participants]
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Andrea Fischer [Process]
Zeile 24: Zeile 24:
 This was the approach of the main study: This was the approach of the main study:
   * Reception   * Reception
 +At the beginning, the participant was greeted and had to fill the privacy statement file. Then the demographic data was collected: age and experience in gaming. Before the study, we explained what the study is about and that there is the possibility to win coupons for the Arcaden. They chose their nickname. ​
   * Explanation   * Explanation
 +The test advisor explained how the game works (hit the targets as fast as possible within 30 seconds with the mouse) and that after the first round of training, there are 14 iterations following, each with an ingame questionnaire. ​
 +After the test sequence, the SAM questionnaire got explained.
   * Play time   * Play time
   * Short open interview   * Short open interview
 +After finishing the study, the test person got sweets as reward for the participation. ​
 +The top 5 scores get displays on the monitor after each iteration and if one of their highscores is within the top 3, their nickname, score and email address got noted. ​
 +At the very end of the testing, the participants with the 3 highest scores get incentives: Coupons for the Arcaden shopping centre with the values of 20, 15 and 10 euros. Only one coupon per participant,​ even if they have all of the top 3!