Exploring Gender Differences in Twitch Chats (Arbeitstitel)

Exploring Gender Differences in Twitch Chats (Arbeitstitel)
Michael Achmann
Greta Pfältzer
Christian Wolff
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Video games have been around for years, offering a wide variety of experiences across different platforms such as computers, smartphones, and consoles. However, female characters are still significantly underrepresented and frequently sexualized within game narratives and designs. Female characters are frequently depicted with less complexity compared to their male counterparts, exemplified by characters like Princess Peach, whose roles often revolve around being rescued or supporting male protagonists. Additionally, they are commonly portrayed wearing scanty attire and featuring unrealistic body proportions.

Furthermore, research consistently shows the higher levels of harassment and hate speech directed towards women in online gaming communities, in contrast to their male counterparts. This troubling trend extends to popular streaming platforms such as, where female streamers often encounter similar forms of discrimination.

Zielsetzung der Arbeit

This thesis investigates communication on the streaming platform in relation to gender roles in gaming culture. A comparison will be drawn between German comments about female streamers and those about male streamers. What differences emerge in the language about male and female streamers on platforms like Twitch regarding gender roles in gaming culture, and how do they reflect the dynamics of the community? Chat messages will be explored with topic modeling and compared using statistical measures for text analysis.

Konkrete Aufgaben

  1. Research of related works (1-2 weeks)
  2. Collection of a data set of chat messages on (1-2 weeks)
  3. Annotation and analysis of the data: Identifying trends, topics, and interactions in the comments (1-2 weeks)
  4. Comparison of comments from female streamers with those from male streamers (1-2 weeks)
  5. Written elaboration (2-3 weeks)

Erwartete Vorkenntnisse

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