Tutorial Advanced Software Engineering

#ProjectTeamMultitouchTangiblesMulti DeviceNetworkMulti User
1Augmented Chess RecorderHaas, Kautetzky, Voityesyesnonoyes
2CodeTable: An application for the planning, structuring and better understanding of codeDechant, Glücker, Fischbachyesyesnonono
3Mechanical Waiter: Detection and recognition of coins on the tabletopKrapf, Lengdobler, Provinsky, Schascheknoyesnonono
4MI Showroom: A Tangible User Interface for presenting HCI projectsHertlein, Hinterleitner, Lehenmeieryesyesnonoyes
5Collaborative Tabletop Music SearchAdlfinger, Lamm, Lechler, Semmelmannyesyesnoyesyes
6Sketch Puzzle: Collaborative UI Sketching for Websites on a tabletopBlau, Forster, Lohmüller, Schneideryesyesnonoyes
7TagGraph: A visual semantic net as a digital augmentation for physical booksFrick, Michel, Riedmüller, Uderhardtyesyesnoyesno